Warehousing is about to enter the era of automated three-dimensional warehouse

07. 07, 2020

In recent years, many large enterprises have begun to be dissatisfied with the original warehousing and storage methods, and have begun to establish an automated three-dimensional warehouse. The automated three-dimensional warehouse has been rapidly developed in my country, and its application fields have been continuously expanded. Many enterprises have begun to pay attention to the automated three-dimensional library, and made suggestions on the effectiveness of the automated three-dimensional library. Therefore, what is the future development trend of automated stereo libraries? Next, Industrial Racking Manufacturer will lead you to understand the advantages and value of the automated three-dimensional library, as well as the research and judgment of future development.

In recent years, the development trend of automated three-dimensional library is as follows:


1. The degree of automation and management level continue to improve, the speed of operation is accelerated, the ability to enter and leave the warehouse is enhanced, and the cargo turnover rate is improved;


2. The variety of stored goods is increasingly diversified, and the scope of application is becoming wider and wider;

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Superlock Pallet Racking

3. It is more closely integrated with the company's process flow and becomes an integral part of production logistics and sales logistics;


4. The reliability and safety of warehouse operation are constantly improving.

In practical applications, how to make the automated stereo library show capacity and benefits?

Enterprises must first reasonably plan and build an automated stereo library that suits their needs. Generally speaking, the automated three-dimensional warehouse includes: storage temporary storage area, inspection area, palletizing area, storage area, storage temporary storage area, pallet temporary storage area, non-conforming product temporary storage area and sundries area, etc. When constructing a three-dimensional warehouse, different enterprises can reasonably divide each area and increase or decrease the area according to their own process characteristics and requirements. At the same time, enterprises also need to design a good logistics process to make the flow of goods unimpeded, because this will directly affect the ability and efficiency of the automated three-dimensional warehouse.

Second, enterprises also need to strengthen the management of automated three-dimensional libraries. On the one hand, enterprises can use the warehouse management system (WMS) to realize logistics management informatization, timely grasp the logistics changes, and comprehensively improve the logistics management level. On the other hand, because the automated three-dimensional library integrates high technology such as light, machine, electricity, automatic control, communication, information, etc., therefore, there are certain requirements for the user's knowledge level. Only by continuously enhancing the comprehensive management capabilities, including information technology capabilities, logistics management capabilities, etc., and comprehensively improving the level of inventory management, logistics operations, and production management can the enterprise match the high efficiency and high capabilities of the automated three-dimensional library and integrate the three-dimensional library into the enterprise In the entire logistics system, fully play its role.

Warehouse Racking Manufacturer believes that the Warehouse Storage Rack Systems have gradually entered the integrated storage phase after going through the manual storage phase, the mechanized storage phase, and the automated storage phase. The application of integrated warehousing system greatly improves the overall efficiency and resilience. In the future, with the development of artificial intelligence technology, intelligent automatic warehouse will be the future direction of development. At that time, computers will replace humans to automatically formulate storage plans, and the trend of automatic access operations is inevitable.