The Classification Secret Of Shelf

08. 12, 2019

Here is Warehouse Racking Manufacturer talking about the classification secret of shelf.

Do you know what type of shelves are there? Let’s share with you the following points together.

Warehouse Racking Manufacturer

Warehouse Racking Manufacturer

Light Duty Shelving: assembled shelves, freely combined, adjustable height, minimum adjustment height of 50mm, simple and quick installation, low investment and wide application. Can be used in supermarkets, shops.

Medium-sized shelf: Fully inserted and assembled structure, the height of the laminate can be adjusted freely, the minimum adjustment height is 50mm, the installation is simple and fast, and the application is wide. Can be used in shopping malls, businesses, warehouses.

Heavy Duty Shelving: plug-in combined assembly structure, height-free 70mm or 75mm adjustable, optimized cross-section design and high-quality steel, is the most commonly used storage system design. Can be applied to large warehouses.

Attic shelf: Fully combined or light steel structure, special light steel structure floor, with special locking structure, flat floor and strong integrity.

The shelf can be divided into two categories: applicability and appearance:

High shelf.

The gallery-style shelf is a special shelf designed to store a large number of similar cargo placement trays.