Development Trend Of Commercial Storage Shelving Units Industry

12. 14, 2018

From the perspective of project construction, the Commercial Storage Shelving Units has shown the following development trends in recent years, and should be considered in the process of setting shelf standards:

First, the large-scale single project: more and more single-shelf projects of tens of millions of yuan. In recent years, there have even appeared large orders of more than 50 million yuan or even more than 100 million yuan for a single shelf project.

The second is to develop from a single product to a systematic application: With the increasing application industry and application methods, the shelf is no longer a simple storage tool, but evolves into a comprehensive Heavy Duty Storage Shelving Units and collection of diverse and complex functions. Logistics system.

Third, new products are constantly emerging: At present, the industries such as cold chain and medicine are the industries that the country is developing vigorously. Shelf companies are beginning to develop new storage devices suitable for use in these industries. For example: a wide range of mobile shelves in cold storage, automated storage systems for densely stored remote control shuttles, etc.

The above market changes put forward new requirements for shelf standardization, including the structural standards, specification and dimensional standards, safety standards, installation and after-sales service standards of shelf products, etc., which should be considered in the shelf standardization work. Advance with the times to meet the requirements of industry development and related companies.

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