4 Common Types of Shelving and Their Benefits

06. 07, 2021

Shelving is used to store products in a manufacturing or distribution facility. Choosing the right Warehouse Racking System depends on the physical size and weight of the items to be stored, as well as how often they will be used. Shelving systems are often used to buffer, or hold inventory to ensure there is enough product to meet upcoming orders or production requirements. Designing the configuration of a storage system also depends on the number and characteristics of the items and the type of equipment needed to move them in and out of storage. Typically, shelving in warehouses stores items in cartons, palletized goods or large individual units.

Warehouse Shelving

Warehouse Shelving

There are many types of shelving, and each style has its own advantages related to convenience or storage capacity. Some of the most common types are shared by the following Warehouse Shelving Suppliers.

Selective racking

Selective racking is the simplest of all racking systems, allowing only one unit depth of palletized goods to be stored side by side. This allows all pallets to be accessible from the aisle. To increase storage density, double-deep racking can accommodate two pallets of goods stacked back-to-back.

Drive-in racking

Ideal for storing repetitive products while maximizing storage space, this structure allows forklift access from only one side to pick up or deliver pallets that are resting on a continuous track. Drive-in racking systems can be used where a last-in, first-out system is acceptable.

Carton flow racking

Ideal for low-volume case picking, this system utilizes racks equipped with rollers or wheels to allow product and material to flow from the back to the front of the rack. Similar in concept but on a larger scale is the pallet flow rack, which uses a conveyor wheeled rack section to allow back-loaded pallets to flow by gravity to the front or picking surface. Both carton flow racking and pallet flow are ideal when a first-in-first-out system is required.

Mobile racking or mobile sliding racking

Usually a single depth selection of shelving with wheels on the bottom that move the entire structure along a track embedded in the facility floor. This type of racking is ideal when there is slow moving inventory and limited racking footprint.

Choosing the right shelving can have a huge impact on the success of your business. The right type of shelving can greatly improve efficiency, organization, safety and more. We also offer Automated Storage System, so please feel free to contact us if you need one!