Why are Heavy-Duty Shelves Widely Used?

05. 24, 2021

When the overall utilization of goods reaches a certain level, heavy-duty shelves will become a popular product in the industry. At this time, everyone will be curious about heavy shelves. Heavy-duty racks are widely used racks in the entire Storage Racking industry, especially in some large logistics industries.

First of all, the total cost of heavy-duty racks is not high because the dimensions are fixed, that is, the beams and columns of heavy-duty racks can be mass-produced. Everyone knows that what can be mass produced is itself in the process. This is very time-saving, so its cost is not too high, so the overall price of the assembled heavy-duty shelves will naturally not be too high.

Heavy-Duty Racks

Heavy-Duty Racks

Secondly, the stability and carrying capacity of the Heavy-Duty Racks after installation are good. If you can build a higher level shelf in this space, it must be a heavy shelf. After all, the height is higher. The center of gravity will be unstable and it will also affect his weight. Especially if the forklift is in the process of entering the cargo, if the center of gravity is unstable, an accident will occur. In this regard, heavy-duty shelves are an absolute guarantee of safety.

After the installation is completed, the heavy-duty rack is a whole stack of frame structure, both sides can enter and exit, and one side can also enter for easy adjustment. This allows heavy-duty racks to store small amounts of goods and achieve the benefits of high utilization. Therefore, the choice of heavy shelves in the logistics industry has a high frequency of warehouse usage and the storage industry is high.

Advantages of heavy-duty racks: Mainly used for card board storage, with large carrying capacity, high space utilization, flexible and convenient access, supplemented by computer management or control, and can basically meet the requirements of modern logistics systems. It is not only suitable for many kinds of small batch items, but also suitable for small kinds of large batch items.

The development of the enterprise has a stable rear and basic to ensure that the warehouse in front of its own sales staff can keep up. The purpose of Warehouse Storage is to facilitate the development of the enterprise, on the other hand, in order not to delay. Heavy-duty shelves are the guarantee of the company's development, and the company has no worries.