Heavy Shelves To Pay Attention to The Problem

11. 16, 2020

Heavy Duty Storage Shelves are very widely used shelves. Many companies have had problems with heavy shelves. How to use this heavy shelf properly? Let's analyze what problems heavy shelves should pay attention to

First, we need to know what could go wrong with heavy duty shelves. Because of the relatively simple structure of Heavy Shelves, heavy shelves are often prone to bending, like beams, and can damage shelves. There are two main types of problems:

1. How to prevent heavy shelf beams from bending?

Heavy shelf materials are all made by rolling, but in normal use, deformation and bending are less likely. The deformation of shelf beams is usually due to the weight of the stored goods exceeding the maximum shelf load. Therefore, employees must pay attention to strictly follow the standard operation in the daily operation. Overloading shelves will not only damage shelves, but also bring safety hazards to the warehouse.

Heavy Duty Storage Shelves

Heavy Duty Storage Shelves

2. How to avoid damaging the shelf?

The main reason to avoid heavy shelf damage is the handling of staff during normal operation, especially when using mechanical equipment, it is very easy to damage shelves. At the same time, we must also carry out routine maintenance work, which can also reduce the severity of shelf damage.

Only use a good Shelf Storage, in order to maximize the shelf in the role of the enterprise warehouse. Shelves are different from ordinary storage devices. If serious damage occurs, repairs can be very complex and expensive. Shelf maintenance can also reduce the unnecessary cost of enterprises, increase the profits of enterprises.