Six Items To Pay Attention To When Installing Longspan Shelving

05. 17, 2019

1. Self-test should be carried out during Longspan Shelving installation.

2. Shelf installation should be carried out according to the drawings. If there is any inconsistency in the site or design during construction, it should be submitted in time, and the construction can be carried out after approval of the change.

3. The various measuring and testing instruments, instruments, instruments and equipment used in the installation of the shelves shall comply with the provisions of the current national metrological regulations, and the accuracy level shall not be lower than the accuracy level required for installation.

4. The concealed works before the installation of the shelves should be inspected before the project is concealed.

5, Pallet Rack Shelving installation and construction, in addition to according to this.

6, the general installation and acceptance of the shelf, to ensure quality and safety, promote technological progress, improve economic efficiency, the development of this specification.

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