Maintaince Of Steel Structure Mezzanine

08. 20, 2018

Baturu, the largest auto parts Internet e-commerce company in China buy three-story building + steel platform, G+2, 3600 square meters

The steel structure mezzanine is treated by general methods such as wiping, cleaning, lubrication, and adjustment to maintain and protect the performance and technical condition of the shelf, which is called shelf maintenance. There are four main requirements for the maintenance of the shelf:

1.The material must be referenced to the maximum safety load on the supplier's drawings or technical parameters before being placed on the shelf;

2.The shelf structure cannot be changed unless the following conditions are met:

(1)Check according to the adjustable shelving systems Supplier's technical parameters.

(2), obtain the necessary licenses from the supplier,

3.Guide the operator to use the relevant lifting transport, equipment attention: damage caused by impact will seriously reduce the shelf safety

4.Carry out routine inspection:

(1), is correct Operation and use

(2), whether it is carried within the permissible safety limits

(3), whether there is an accidental accident causing structural components to be damaged or displaced

(4), to ensure that the beam safety buckle connection and positioning, and finally remember that when the shelf is stored Personnel should not enter the bottom of the shelf to avoid danger. For the cargo access personnel, technical training and skilled operation must be carried out in the early stage.

The above points are important points in the use of the shelf, which not only increases the service life of the warehouse, but also helps the goods and even the personal safety.

Steel Structure Mezzanine

Steel Structure Mezzanine