Why Does Medium Duty Cantilever Racking Need To Be Electrostatically Sprayed?

03. 22, 2019

1. The electrostatic spray technology of the Medium duty Cantilever Racking is not the same as other paint sprays. It is a non-hazard technology that does not produce poison gas and does not affect the health of workers.

2. There are no three-waste problems and environmental pollution problems in the spray, which is in line with the national environmental protection requirements. This is one of the reasons for the electrostatic spray in the shelf industry.

3. Electrostatic spray can achieve high-quality surface spray, unlike paint spray, no need to make primer, and paint spray often requires multiple steps due to different paint specifications, and electrostatic spray is effective. These steps.

Electrostatic spray technology has been widely used in the Light duty Cantilever Racking industry. Excellent performance and strong anti-rust ability make this technology quickly recognized by the market. At the same time, in addition to the shelf industry, this technology is being promoted to other industries.

Medium Duty Cantilever Racking