Which Medium duty Cantilever Racking Are More Suitable For Different Types Of Enterprises?

04. 02, 2019

1. Application in medical industry

In the medical industry, there are a wide variety of internal products and facilities, and they are of different sizes and types, so a variety of Medium duty Cantilever Racking are often used for storage. For those large medical equipment, usually choose a heavy shelf like bearing capacity, and relatively stable shelf. Smaller drugs, on the other hand, are better suited to storage shelves that are easier to access and can hold a wider variety of drugs.

2. Large manufacturing industry

There are many kinds of manufacturing industry, including many large enterprises in the current market. For these enterprises, they pay more attention to the function of Light duty Cantilever Racking. The more powerful the function is, the better the shelves can improve the operation efficiency of enterprises. So at present in the manufacturing industry is the use of more frequent automated three-dimensional warehouse such as automated storage shelves.

Storage shelves in the market there are many applications, including in the life of large and small places we can see the signs of automated three-dimensional storage. The development of the market can further promote the development of the storage shelf industry, and with the continuous progress of science and technology, the shelf industry will certainly move to a new height in the future.

Medium duty Cantilever Racking