Something About Light Duty Shelving

07. 26, 2018

Light duty shelving structure

1. Shelf column: made of punch holes on both sides of equilateral Angle steel, the hole distance is 50mm along the straight line.

2. Shelf steel laminate: cold-rolled steel plate is adopted and shaped according to the required standard.

3. The vertical column and steel laminate are connected with the fixed shelf through fastener pin and triangle fixed plate.

4. After each part of the shelf has been processed and shaped, the products will be assembled after all > pickling and phosphorylating > automatic powder electrostatic spraying > drying. The surface of the finished goods on the shelf is bright and beautiful. Floor board can be up and down arbitrary adjustment, easy to disassemble and install.

Light storage shelf features

1. Full assembly structure, easy to assemble, equipment and open.

2. Optimized shelf material section, multiple pipe materials selection, forward bearing capacity.

3. The floor board is available with wooden board and steel plate. The height of the vertical column is set with the adjustment hole spacing of every 50mm.

4. The surface treatment is polished, surface rust, oil removal and electrostatic powder spray treatment. It can be sprayed according to the color specified by the customer.

5. For light duty shelving price, it is less capital investment, which is widely used for storage needs of factories, shopping malls and so on.

Light Duty Shelving