Internal Structure and Wide Advantages of Cantilever Wood Shelf

09. 13, 2021

The cantilever racking system consists of vertical columns bolted to a horizontal base. The cantilever is attached to the column and can be mounted straight or at an angle. Straight arms are typically used to store flat products, such as wood.



Cantilever wood shelf is a style of racking with beams fixed at one end only, commonly found in wood yards or pipe supply warehouses, unlike the pallet racking used, where long and large items are stored. It consists of columns, bases, arms and Brackets.


Common wood shelves and cantilever shelves are available in single-sided and double-sided. Double-sided allows for storage on both sides, but also requires clearance on both sides of the shelf. Single-sided cantilever shelving can be placed against a wall to save valuable floor space, but will not provide as much storage space as double-sided. Determining which type is right for you depends on what you want to store and the amount of storage.

Cantilever Racking

There are many options for choosing used cantilever shelves. When deciding on an arm (the actual storage level or shelf), it is important to determine the weight of each arm and the type of material being stored. There are two main styles of arms: straight arms and angled arms. The capacity of the cantilever arm depends on its length and the gauge of metal used. The longer the arm, the less weight it can hold because it is further away from the column.


Risers are sold in different heights and have different shelving capacities, so it is critical to carefully measure the weight and size of the items you want to store. Once you know how many arms are included on each column and the weight-bearing capacity of each arm, you can multiply these two numbers together to get the required weight-bearing capacity of the column.


Bracket sets provide additional structure to the column. The number of brackets required depends on the number of arms, their height, the capacity of the arms and column, and the length of the stored items. Brackets are not used for load-bearing and can only stabilize the rack horizontally.

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Internal Structure and Wide Advantages of Cantilever Wood Shelf

Benefits offered

Cantilever wood shelf is the ideal system for storing many different types of items and materials, offering many specific benefits and uses that conventional racking can hardly offer. If you are wondering if cantilever racking is right for your facility, here are the benefits they offer.


Store challenging items

Cantilever shelving is designed to allow storage of longer, thinner items such as steel shelving, beams, long pieces of wood, or even pre-packaged furniture.

Easy Access

The cantilevered shelving design consists of two smaller shelves on either side of a long I-beam, with nothing on them and no traditional "shelves" to speak of. This more open design allows for easier access, especially on taller shelves with forklifts or similar equipment.

Save money

Cantilevered shelving can help you save energy and get the job done faster. The greater storage space they provide in terms of depth and length also allows for deeper storage space to store more items.



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