The Importance of Storage Shelves to The Warehouse

01. 13, 2021

A warehouse is a warehouse where goods are stored in a centralized manner. It is usually difficult to pick up goods manually when the goods are piled up together. It takes time to find the required goods. This will take too much manpower and time. What are the advantages of having Storage Shelves?

Increase warehouse storage capacity

A good shelf invisibly increases the stacking capacity of the goods and improves the space utilization of the entire warehouse. The storage capacity of the warehouse is invisibly increased. The denseness and convenient structure of the shelves can improve the storage capacity of the warehouse.

Easy access to goods

The structure of the shelf can affect the convenience of storing and storing goods. As long as the width of the shelf is designed reasonably, it can not only store more goods, but also greatly save the time of storing and storing goods.

Storage Shelves

Storage Shelves

Improve the storage safety of goods

Improving the safety of goods is not only about putting them in, but also has certain requirements in the storage environment. If the storage environment is quite humid, then wood and paper goods will have safety problems. This requires that the shelf can be designed It is convenient to ventilate; for example, when storing red wine, the temperature should not be hot, and the chassis can be stabilized when the shelf is slightly shaken. Different shelves correspond to different types of goods.

The key to accelerating commodity circulation and saving circulation costs

Although the goods are in a static state when they are stored in the warehouse, it will increase the time cost and financial cost, but on the whole, it will not only not bring time loss and financial cost increase, but it can help Speed up circulation and save operating costs

In modern warehousing, warehouse shelves can reasonably arrange the goods into the warehouse without increasing the burden of the warehouse, which invisibly increases the actual storage capacity of the warehouse. At the same time, good shelves can protect the safety of goods and improve the quality of goods storage. The storage functions of the Warehouse Racking System mainly include the following:

1. Increase the storage capacity of the warehouse

2. Easy access to goods

3. Improve the safety of cargo

Although the shelf is simple, there are high requirements for the structure and materials of the shelf. With the continuous popularity of automated three-dimensional warehouses, the technical content of shelves will become higher and higher, and the storage function of shelves will become more important. A good set of shelves can improve the warehouse's storage capacity, storage level, storage quality, and storage safety, and the future development trend will also move towards intelligent storage.

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