What are the Measures to Protect Warehouse Shelves?

05. 07, 2021

Warehouse Shelving Systems are generally disposable products, and extending the life of the shelves is something every warehouse manager should learn. Here are a few ways to maintain warehouse shelves.

Warehouse Shelving

Warehouse Shelving

1.Anti-collision protection. Passage and corner columns are the most easily damaged, and they are often deformed by forklifts. Anti-collision guardrail should be placed in the aisle position, guardrail equipment should minimize the possibility of shelves being hit.

2. Prevent overweight. Different sizes of shelves carry different weights. Warehouse clerks should mark the load limit and always follow the bottom of the shelves and place the items lightly on top of the heavy ones.

3. Anti-climate change. The columns and beams are made of metal. After being exposed to moisture and sunlight, they will rust over time and shorten their service life. Most of the laminates on the shelves are wooden boards, and the windows are the most vulnerable to rain. When it rains, the boards will warp and buckle.

4. a special vehicle. Heavy-Duty Shelving and high-rise shelving storage must be equipped with a power push-up cart. The use and operation of the push-up cart must be operated by qualified personnel. Deformation of the columns is caused by the use of the push-up cart by designated personnel. In addition, the beams on the shelves should preferably be made yellow to allow easy identification of the operator of the push-up cart.

5. Specify standard dimensions for pallets and deliveries. The length and width of commonly used pallets range from 0.8 m to 1.2 m. Heavy-duty racking beams are 2.5 meters long and are designed to fit the width of two pallets. If non-standard pallets or loaded products exceed 1.2 meters in size, they will hit the posts when jammed or pulled.

6. Specify the system of shelf use. Different warehouses, goods, rational planning of goods, placed on the appropriate shelves. Warehouse managers must develop a shelf use system, so that warehouse shelf users must learn and strictly comply with the shelf use system, which is the ultimate way to achieve the goal.

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