How To Flexibly Use Shelf Types To Improve Storage Space?

01. 13, 2020

Warehouse Rack is a frame structure that can make full use of space. Attic racks play an appropriate and important role in modern logistics activities. The modernization of warehouse management has a direct relationship with the variety and function of shelves. Modern management concepts such as the power of progress have become the primary consideration of the times.

How to effectively use the warehouse space and how to improve the utilization rate of the warehouse have also been mentioned as an important position. The main points of warehousing management are: how to increase the usefulness of storage space and how to promote the activity of goods. The space for storing goods is called storage space. Although this space is apparently used for storage, in reality, this space is a transit point for the purchase, sale and distribution of goods.

Therefore, the storage area has become the central link in the storage and transportation of goods. Therefore, the effective use of storage space has become an important issue for operators and logistics center operators to strive to improve. This places higher demands on the shelves. The display of modern warehouses has promoted the development of shelves. The use of heavy shelves can make reasonable use of warehouse space, increase the storage capacity rate, and expand storage capacity.

The goods are stored on the shelves without kneading each other, and the material loss is small, which can ensure the function of the material itself and reduce the loss of the goods. The goods are on the shelves, easy to access, easy to count and measure, and can achieve first-in-first-out In order to ensure the quality of the stored goods, we can adopt methods such as moisture resistance, dust prevention, theft prevention, and damage prevention to improve the storage quality of the materials. The structure and function of many new shelves facilitate the mechanization and automation of the warehouse.

Pallet Shuttle

Pallet Shuttle

There are many kinds of shelves. The narrow road shelves are said to be the most dense shelves; Pallet Shuttle shelves have the most efficient operation capabilities; the automatic operation of the automatic three-dimensional warehouse reduces labor costs. These new automated three-dimensional warehouses have high-speed power and state-of-the-art technology.

If the general shelf capacity of the warehouse is high, this main shelf can be classified as a medium shelf or Light Duty Shelving. These are analyzed based on their weight. Then there are many shelves containing different products. Some shelves are mold shelves, some shelves are beam shelves, and some are through shelves. Therefore, these different types of shelves are selected at the time of selection. It should be clearly considered that some are cantilevered shelves.

This kind of shelf usually holds some long or irregular goods, and there are some gravity type shelves. Such a gravity-type shelf can actually place some higher products when selecting, so these products will be considered when selecting the shelf itself, and the products will be classified according to the purpose. If you choose a better quality issue when performing regular shelf sorting in your warehouse, your own shelf number and shelf selection will have their own differences.