7 Major Features Of Warehouse Mezzanine

03. 04, 2019

1. Warehouse Mezzanine are three-dimensional structure, which can make full use of the space in the warehouse and have a significant effect in improving the storage rate of the warehouse.

2. The goods are easy to access, and different types of shelves can satisfy various storage modes, which makes the company more convenient when picking up the goods and improves the overall turnover speed of the warehouse.

3. The warehouse goods are more tidy, and the goods in the warehouse can be classified by the Metal Racking Systems, and stored in the corresponding places according to the types, so that not only can the goods be conveniently accessed, but also the efficiency can be improved in the future inventory process.

4. It is able to continue to store large quantities of goods, store all the goods together for management, and also carry out cargo transportation with storage equipment such as forklifts.

5. The storage of goods is more assured, and there will be no damage caused by the mutual squeezing of the goods, which will reduce the damage rate of the goods.

6. It can reduce the cost of the enterprise, and the efficient logistics supply chain can also meet the needs of modern warehouses. The shelf has the functions of moisture-proof, dust-proof and damage, which effectively improves the quality of cargo storage.

7. The shelf has large bearing capacity, and is not easy to be deformed, and the structure is simple and easy to disassemble and install.

Warehouse Mezzanine