How To maintenance Warehouse Mezzanine Storage

08. 09, 2018

First, prevent overload. Each warehouse mezzanine storagehas its load, which is already destined when it is designed, so do not force the load during use to avoid a safety accident.

Second, super high and super wide are also matters needing attention. The height and width of the shelf are limited by certain values. Some manufacturers may extend the height and width of the shelf in order to increase the storage capacity of the shelf. The result of the extension is that the use of the shelf is limited. .

Third, anti-collision ability. This is mainly for mobile warehouse mezzanine systems, which should be carefully moved when moving the shelves, and should not cause some damage due to impact.

Forth, When storing goods on the shelf, avoid people entering the bottom of the shelf and be safe first.

Fifth, Although the shelves are surface treated, they should also be protected from moisture during use. In particular, you need to pay attention to the interface position of the shelf, which is a place that is more likely to rust.

Sixth, we must abide by the principle of placing light objects on the upper shelves and placing heavy objects on the bottom.

Warehouse Mezzanine Storage