Design Requirements And Precautions For Warehouse Shelf Channel Width

11. 18, 2019

The design of the channel width and the width of the storage shelf operation channel have no fixed calculation formula at present. However, the design of the storage shelf channel width is also an important factor related to the convenient performance of the goods, and is also the decisive factor of the cargo picking ability.

So how should the warehouse shelves design the channel width? The Warehouse Storage Racks Manufacturers will tell you next.

For a warehouse of a certain size, if the storage shelf channel is narrow, or there is no channel like a dense storage shelf, then such warehouse space utilization can be very high, but its picking ability is extremely low, like this The storage shelves are suitable for storing large quantities of single goods. On the contrary, if the warehouse shelf is wider and more, like ordinary beam shelves, laminate storage shelves, etc., the picking ability is strong, but the storage capacity of the warehouse is not high. Therefore, how to design the storage shelf channel is also very important.

Usually, the channel design mainly depends on the following aspects:

Pallet size, especially for the Warehouse Pallet Racking, because it directly affects the forklift's fork selection and forklift selection.

Simple point, storage shelf channel = small turning radius + front dangling + cargo length + 200mm, the result is the storage shelf channel width, but please note that the manufacturer's standard small turning radius and the actual deviation of about 100mm, It is recommended to add 100mm.

According to the result of the forklift selection, the right angle stacking radius can be obtained. According to the direct spacing of the beam or considering the length of the beam, the length of the pallet is calculated to obtain a safe tray width, and then the forklift is stacked at a right angle to a small value. It is recommended to add a safe width.

Warehouse Storage Racks

Warehouse Storage Racks

At the same time, according to the management requirements, you can choose a more suitable Warehouse Storage Racks, which is convenient to reduce the number of channels between shelves. For example, the double-deep shelf is halfway smaller than the ordinary heavy-duty shelf. The drive-in shelf is a whole-style shelf. The number is smaller, but the picking rate of these two shelves cannot reach 100%, which is suitable for batch first-in, first-out warehouses.

The above is the introduction of the design of the storage shelf channel width, you can design the shelf width according to the above method.

In fact, the above is a general plan for the design and calculation of the shelf spacing, but in actual operation, the various storage conditions are different. It is necessary for the supply and demand sides to obtain high-quality parameters in active and effective communication, and plan and design each shelf. The spacing situation. As an excellent storage shelf manufacturer, we have many excellent designers who will check you out.

Beam shelf

Warehouse plant structure The design of heavy-duty shelves must be considered in the warehouse structure. The main consideration here is:

1. Lighting system and fire protection system of the warehouse.

2. The position of the column and the beam, which affects the overall placement of the shelf.

3, the height of the warehouse, the height of the warehouse determines the height of our shelves.

4, the bearing capacity of the floor, which affects the installation of the shelf and the subsequent shelf load.

The above is the design requirements and precautions for the width of the warehouse shelf. Have you learned?