Warehouse Shelf Industry: Scale Effect Enhances Overall Competitiveness

03. 16, 2020

In recent years, the development of Automated Storage System has been very rapid. At present, logistics system integrators are responsible for building warehouses. In recent years, the export of shelves has been growing rapidly. Domestic enterprises rely on their own prices in the international market Advantages, secure payment by letter of credit, and intensified competition in the domestic market, many companies are also committed to the development of foreign customers. However, the rising prices of steel raw materials have worsened the situation, which has greatly affected shelf exporters.

With the development of modern warehousing and logistics industry, people have a deeper understanding of the value-added services provided by modern logistics. As the basic storage equipment in logistics, Warehouse Rack will follow the trend of the times, mainly reflected in the following two aspects of development:

Automated Storage System

Automated Storage System

The first is that Warehouse Storage Racks Manufacturer not only provides storage rack products, it will develop in the direction of providing a series of overall storage solutions. The modern storage logistics industry requires the use of modern technologies and methods to improve logistics efficiency. To provide shelf products, we must stand in the user's perspective and use professional technology to provide suitable storage solutions. This has become a service that provides added value to customers. In the fierce market competition, who can create greater customer value, who will be more likely to win. At the beginning of the shelf company, it was mainly to provide shelf products, and then customers would ask how to use the shelf. Therefore, shelf companies are required to provide shelf layout and design solutions. However, after customers use the shelves, although they have solved the storage problem, they will also face a series of problems in warehouse management. It is hoped that the shelf companies will provide a complete set of warehouse operations including shelf labels, barcode scanning, and warehouse management software. Plan, this will become a development direction for shelf enterprises to become bigger and stronger.

The second is that shelf enterprises should develop in a larger scale, starting from product standardization and new product research and development to reduce production costs with scale effects. Under fierce price competition, companies must reduce costs, and 70% of the shelf cost is steel. The space for processing costs that can be saved is very small. Only by continuously strengthening product research and development, by fully saving materials to develop new product models, Continuous standardization, reducing process manufacturing costs. In addition, the cost of the factory has a high proportion of fixed costs, and the cost can be shared more only if the output is increased. Therefore, the scale of production and standardized production will be the main direction for shelf manufacturers to improve their overall competitiveness.