What Are The Precautions For Warehouse Shelf Management?

05. 25, 2020

With the development of economy, storage shelves are more and more widely used in warehouse storage, which can improve the utilization rate of the warehouse and improve the work efficiency of managers and users. However, if it is not maintained during use, it is easy to damage the shelves and goods. Therefore, today, we introduce you to the precautions for storing shelves when storing goods.

Warehousing needs to be managed, and the same is true for warehouse shelves. Only with reasonable management of warehouse shelves can it fully exert its functions and functions. Marked management can straighten out the goods, reduce the confusion of the goods, and improve the storage operation of the warehouse shelves. The warehouse shelf management has the following points to be noted:

1. Rationalized Labeling Of Warehouse Shelves

Goods stored on warehouse shelves must be clearly marked. Specifically: quality label, clearly indicate the quality status of the stored goods, and indicate the person and date responsible for quality inspection confirmation; name and quantity identification, clearly indicate the name and quantity of the goods stored on each shelf, convenient Storage and distribution management, and inventory bookkeeping; specification and variety identification, clearly indicate the specifications and varieties of goods in the warehouse shelves, to ensure delivery at any time, goods of different specifications or varieties can be distinguished by color labels, so that operators can quickly find Goods; area identification, area identification is very important, there are many types of goods, first classify the goods and then divide the storage area of the warehouse shelves, the goods are "seat-matched" according to the area, this can improve warehouse management and work efficiency.

Bolt Free Shelving

Bolt Free Shelving

2. The Reasonable Planning Requirements Of The Warehouse

The warehouse must be planned before placing the warehouse shelves. The placement of the warehouse shelves should consider the flow of people can be controlled. The storage of the warehouse shelves should consider the division of the area. It needs to be recorded in the computer for account keeping in a timely manner, and after distinguishing the storage area of the warehouse, the warehouse shelf factory can also be required to distinguish the shelf color, so that the warehouse shelf can be clearly managed. At the same time,  Plastic Shelving can be used to separate different goods.

3. Use Warehouse Management Software

Use warehouse management software such as the Storage Shelving System. In a large rack warehouse, you can use the location management method, the management software can help you achieve, you can enter the location number on the location of each commodity, you can directly find a certain location you want to send (entry Library). In this way, one unfamiliar warehouse delivery staff can send and receive goods correctly.

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