How To Do Shelf Maintenance?

02. 18, 2021

Warehouse Storage Rack has a wide range of applications. In order to make it work better, we must first understand the placement rules in detail.

No matter what type of shelf, the principles of placing heavy objects on the bottom, light objects on the high level, and low weight and high light weight must be followed. Avoid top-heavy phenomena. Shelves are the same as general construction projects. If the bottom floor is lighter and the upper floor is heavier, it will cause the shelf to be unstable and there will be hidden safety hazards. In the actual placement process, it is not a problem to place the goods at the low level and the high level. There is no problem with placing heavy objects on the lower level and placing light objects on the high level, but the phenomenon of placing heavy objects on the low level and the heavy objects on the lower level is not allowed.

In the process of placing goods on the storage rack, if there is a deformation of the beam, the goods on the beam should be taken out in time and replaced with a new beam of the same specification in a timely manner. When the beam is deformed and bent, the beam should not be used in theory.

Warehouse Storage Rack

Warehouse Storage Rack

In the actual operation process, we should avoid violations, which not only can ensure the safe use of storage shelves, but also extend the service life of storage shelves. The Pallet Racking Supplier teaches you how to do rack maintenance. There are six points in total. Let's take a look!

1. Anti-collision protection. The more vulnerable parts of the shelf are the columns at the aisles and corners, which are usually deformed by a forklift. Shelf suppliers provide matching anti-collision columns according to different shelves, aisle widths, and transportation tools. Installing anti-collision columns has a very important role in protecting the shelf columns.

2. Anti-stress. The shelves of different specifications are designed and manufactured according to the load bearing. Therefore, the weight of the goods on the shelf must be within the weight that the shelf can bear. Warehouse managers should better carry the load-limiting markings on the shelves, and follow the principle of light weight at the bottom of the shelves, that is, placing heavy objects at the bottom and light objects at the high level.

3. Moisture, sun and rain. Although the shelf posts and beams are metal products and the surface is painted, after being exposed to moisture, it may rust for a long time, which affects the service life.

4. Special persons are required to use the push-up car. Heavy-duty and high-rise three-dimensional warehouses are generally equipped with powered push-up trucks. The use and operation of the push-up trucks must only be operated by qualified personnel. Most of the storage shelf columns were hit and deformed due to non-professional use of push-up vehicles.

5. Develop a shelf use system. Warehouse managers must formulate a shelf use system so that every shelf user can learn and follow it in order to ensure the safety and life of the shelf. The normal service life of storage shelves is generally more than 15 years. Correct repair and maintenance will extend the service life of the shelves. Usually, the equipment can be taken care of by wiping, cleaning, lubrication, adjustment, etc., thereby reducing the chance of shelf damage and helping companies reduce costs.

6. Do five regular inspections. That is, regularly check the tightness of the bolt connections of the shelves; regularly check the joints between the beams and columns for damage; regularly check the forces on the beams when the shelves store goods; regularly check whether the parts and components of the shelves have fallen out of paint and make up the paint in a timely manner; regularly check the shelves Stability, you can stand on the shelf and shake the shelf lightly to test the stability under force.

The above is the method introduced by the Automatic Storage System manufacturer for maintaining the storage shelves. I hope it can help everyone.