What are the most Common Shelves in Warehouse Shelves?

02. 01, 2021

Many customers buy warehouse shelves for the first time and may not know much about the types of shelves. When they come up, they ask directly how much is the warehouse shelves? what price? That's easy for the shelf company to think you don't understand and it's easy to raise the price. The following Warehouse Storage Racks Manufacturer will introduce you to the common warehouse shelf classifications.

The first common type of shelf is a cantilever type shelf

1. The cantilever rack series are all combined, easy to disassemble, disassemble, transport, adjust, move, etc., safe and reliable;

2.Adjustable columns can be used to adjust the spacing between partitions and increase or decrease partitions according to actual needs;

3. It can fully improve the space utilization rate, standardize and standardize the warehouse material management, and cooperate with stackers or forklifts to improve the material circulation efficiency, reduce storage and transportation costs, increase economic benefits, and improve the mechanization level of material circulation To reduce labor intensity and improve working conditions;

4. Cantilever shelf length can be freely combined according to site conditions.

Cantilever Racking technical parameters:

1. Can be accessed by a combination of crane and manual to improve logistics efficiency;

2. The cargo rack is a plug-in structure, which is simple, safe, convenient and removable.

Warehouse Storage Racks

Warehouse Storage Racks

The second common shelf-steel platform attic shelf

Steel structure platform is also called working platform. The modern steel structure platform has various structural forms and functions. The biggest feature of its structure is the fully assembled structure, flexible design, and it is widely used in modern storage. The engineering structure made of steel is usually composed of beams, columns, plates and other components made of profiled steel and steel plates. The parts are connected by welding, screws or rivets.

Steel platform structure introduction:

1. Composition: The platform structure is usually composed of planks, primary and secondary beams, columns, support between columns, and ladders, railings, etc.

2. Classification: According to the requirements of use, it can be divided into indoor and above-ground platforms, platforms that support static and dynamic loads, production auxiliary platforms, and medium and heavy operating platforms.

There is also one of the most common shelves-beam shelves

Beam type shelf is a commonly used form of shelf, which has the characteristics of high load capacity, high adaptability to a wide range of mechanical storage, and high selection efficiency. Beam-type shelves can store a wide variety of items. Together with trays and various accessories, it can solve the problem of storing and storing most materials. Storage machines include: counterbalanced forklifts, reach trucks, stackers. Beam-type shelves are specialized warehouse shelves for the purpose of storing pallet goods.

There are also some commonly used Warehouse Racks, such as drawer shelves, gravity shelves, through shelves and other shelves, but not the most common series, they will not be introduced one by one. The above are the most common types of warehouse shelves, I hope to help everyone.